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A Nurse With a Heart

**Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN PhD** is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers you will have the opportunity to experience. Laura has held CCRN certifications and CEN certifications for over 20 years. Laura has helped thousands of nurses over the last sixteen years to prepare for the CCRN and the CEN examinations. She has held positions as staff nurse, Staff Development Instructor and Professor of nursing.

Dr Vonfrolio is the proprietor of Education Enterprises and the former publisher of REVOLUTION - The Journal of Nurse Empowerment. Laura has authored numerous articles in Nursing, RN, AJN and co-authored/edited eleven books such as NURSE ABUSE: Impact and Resolution, Critical Care Examination Review and 12 Lead EKG STAT! In addition to being series editor of a six volume State Board Review, Nursetest.” Dr. Vonfrolio was the organizer of the Nurses March on Washington DC, March 1995 and May 10, 1996 and has appeared on Good Morning America and Niteline with Ted Koppel (May 1996). You can contact Laura at [](

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